• Art Deco Tour,  2 hours: visiting Art Deco buildings in Ciudad Vieja quarter.
  • Art Déco Tour,  3 hours: buildings of that style are visited in Ciudad Vieja  and Centro quarter.

  • Tour All the Architectures: from the Colony to the XX Century, 3 hours:  we visit the testimonies of the different  periods  of our architectural history in Ciudad Vieja quarter.

  • Tour Parque Rodó-Pocitos, 3 hours: discovering the residential architecture of the first decades of the last century, in these neighborhoods of Montevideo.

  • Religius Architecture & Heritage , 2 hours : visiting christian and jew Temples in Ciudad Vieja Quarter.

We also create your exclusive architectural tour. Please, ask in advance.

Our city: Montevideo

It’s possible that you’ll experience a sense of ‘déjà vu’ when you arrive in Montevideo. You will probably feel that you have been here before, since the city was entirely built to resemble the countries of origin of the European settlers (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and British immigrants) of the early 18th Century.

Large city areas are choked with traffic, pollution and high levels of stress; however, the capital city of Montevideo — simultaneously dynamic and serene — enjoys the character of a beach resort in spite of its 1.5 million inhabitants, balancing an intimate and relaxed metropolitan area. It’s easy to move around the city and take a long walk along the sea. The air is clean, the national gastronomy, superb; while trees, parks, squares and monuments abound.

Montevideo offers a great many architectural styles (art nouveau, art deco, Venetian, Florentine, gothic, etc.) evidencing a diverse cultural legacy. Significant developments in the architectural, political and cultural realms have brought about eclectic changes, making a shift in the society’s consciousness of the last 30 years.

Pulsating, eclectic and with a rich cultural life, Montevideo is designed on a human scale, with versatile architectural trends reflecting its historic past, excellent museums, and diverse musical styles (tango, candombe, jazz).

Montevideo is the perfect place to experience walking tours and exploration. The city could be done entirely on foot, or outings could be combined with other means of transportation.

Our exclusive excursions unveil different perspectives of the city showcasing its architecture, its cultural background and its people. Montevideo makes for a thoroughly pleasant experience all year round.